Organizing gifts has never been so social, fun and easy!
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Bringing people together to easily share gift ideas and costs, vote, comment and offer the most inspired gifts.

Revolutionizing the way we do it:
awesome gifts through social interaction

  • add your ideas, share photos and links directly
  • rate gifts, exchange thoughts and get fast feedback from other participants
  • share costs to offer meaningful gifts

Get together & make inspired choices:
never offer or receive random useless gifts again!

  • never run out of ideas: ask other participants, or simply choose or pitch in to an existing gift
  • keep track of who is buying what and avoid buying the same gifts twice
  • in the end only choose what is truly inspired

Save time and make your life easy
by keeping the process clear and simple

  • get and stay in focused contact with the other participants
  • know what gifts will be bought and who will do the shopping for group gifts
  • know what's the right value or how the costs are split when you're pitching in to group-funded gifts